Christmas and Coca-Cola – name a more iconic duo.

Our favourite ad from 2021 saw Coca-Cola bring their proposition ‘Real Magic’ to the festive season. Their concept of ‘Real Magic’ comes from the insight that magic lives in moments of unexpected connection, so Coke wanted to show this in a time when community and togetherness was arguably never more important.

The ad tells the story of a little boy who moves into a new apartment with his mum just before Christmas. Whilst watching a cartoon of Santa delivering presents down the chimney, it hits him that he doesn’t have a chimney.

No chimney = no Santa = no presents!

Taking it upon himself to remedy this problem, he sets upon building his own chimney out of the moving boxes around his home. Beautifully accompanied by Mary Poppins’ “Chim Chim Cher-ee”, we watch his project move through each apartment as each neighbour joins him to finish in time for the big day. Behind every neighbour’s door a different story is revealed as more boxes, lights and decorations are added by each one.

Coke exceptionally encapsulated how ‘Real Magic’ comes to life when we connect with others – none more so than in the grand finale as the hero box printed with Coca-Cola’s classic red branding tops the cardboard chimney, and the boy posts a red package down to his isolated neighbour inviting her to join their Christmas dinner.

As they sit down to share the feast, we see “Christmas is magic, when we share it” across our screen Coke, we raise a can to you.