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Employer brands in 2023: a jungle of opportunity

A forest of rubber plants, the beauty of Lisbon and some insightful forecasts for the upcoming year – read all about what our team learned when attending the 2022 #WorldEmployerBrandDay.

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Two buzzwords of the…twenties, the time has come when they begin to work together..hurrah!

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Celebrating Black History Month 2022

We are so proud to showcase Tinuke’s amazing work in our office. Penna’s ‘Head of Equality, Diversity & Inclusion’, Alexis Curtis-Harris, sits down to find out more about the artist and the painting!

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The 2022 graduate - what do they want

University students have had it pretty tough these last few years – and now you want to hire them into the big wide world of work? How can you attract 2022’s graduates and give them what they need and want? Check out our guide.

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Targeting your MVPs in your EVP

So you’ve got your Employer Value Proposition sorted? Yes! Does it speak to every type of person you want to hire across all areas of your organisation? Maybe not. Tailor yours to work effectively with these big hits.

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AdFab - CocaCola 2021 Christmas Ad

Find out more about our favourite ad of 2021 here in our new series of favourite creatives, AdFab. Clue: it’s a Christmas Cracker!

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