481diversity event students, 92 offers

These are the trackable results of our Interbank diversity recruitment events in the 2015/16 season.

Our student diversity events are run for a number of underrepresented backgrounds. These include LGBT, students with disabilities or long-term health conditions and female only events. Each event aims to give these pre-screened students the opportunity to meet company representatives and network before it’s time for them to submit applications.

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Open Doors is a school leaver event hosted by the Interbank Forum. The female only event is focussed on attracting state schoolgirls to internship opportunities within the investment banking industry. We have a screening criteria laid down by the participating banks and approximately 70% of applicants are given a place.

FreshLook is for first year female students who are interested in the internship opportunities within the investment banking industry. With 10 banks participating, it is our biggest event in terms of bank participation and attendee numbers (110 female students attended in 2014 and 121 in 2013). We contacted the attendees from the 2014 event earlier this year and of those that responded, we found that 46% of attendees had received internship offers from at least one of the banks.

104 and 113 students are booked onto Open Doors and FreshLook respectively, and we are excited to meet them all and hope they enjoy their investment banking insight days.

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