Our first rule in graduate and student marketing is this: always understand the audience. We approach everything from the students’ point of view: Who are we targeting? What would grab the attention of the shortest of attention spans? How can we inform and engage people with the right potential? It’s a methodology we apply right the way through the recruitment lifecycle.

Audience insight & research

Audience insight & research

We’ve spent many years developing a strong network of contacts in different universities and schools, and have built a database of student contacts that’s refreshed every year. All of which, combined with our own research capabilities, means we can help give you the edge when targeting students for graduate roles or apprenticeships.

Campaign planning, development & implementation

We’ll put together a far-reaching, sophisticated marketing plan that takes into account every aspect of your campaign. As part of it, we’ll also help with selecting the right media and buying the right space, whether that’s offline, online or out on campus.

Social media strategy

We can help you decide on channels, create a content strategy and curate your social media for you. We also run training for our clients’ bloggers and social media teams (and can help convince anyone who’s not as sold on social media as you, too).

social media

Creative materials

Ads, apps, banners, brochures, installations, stands, flyers – we can produce anything you might need for your on-campus activities, and several things you might not have imagined.


Video content is now a must-have for all audiences – and for some, it’s a way of life. We have specialist in-house video and production expertise to help you make the most of the medium, without having to break the bank.

Website and digital media

Whether on laptop, desktop, tablet or phone, your online presence has to do about three times as much as it used to. It’s got to excite people about your brand; get across vital information in a simple and enjoyable-to-explore way; and offer a slick and easy mode of applying. There are many ways to approach it: we can develop, build, maintain and host whatever the right solution is for you and then track and optimise everything to make sure you get the right results.

Digital assessment tools

The best assessment tools should not only reflect the working experience a candidate might expect, but also bring your organisation and brand to life. After all, you’re likely to competing for the best candidates with your direct competitors.

We can create simulations that place the candidate at the heart of your business. We’ve taken paper-based assessment exercises and made them visual, live, online and in apps. We use video and gamification techniques and are able to conjure up entire brands, characters, backstories and challenges to make the exercises real and memorable. To do this, we work directly with the relevant team in your business so that the overall experience feels exciting and, most importantly, real and true to you.

Digital Assessment

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