Our savvy social media team can provide solutions to get your social platforms noticed. And with 91% of employers using social media as part of their hiring process, you’ll want to make sure yours stands out.

What we offer

79% of job seekers head to social media when searching for work. Does yours showcase everything you’d want them to know? Does it build your reputation? Does it give your audience something they’d want to share?

Highlighting your culture, mission and values on social media is a sure-fire way to strengthen your employer brand, reach a more diverse audience, and attract a talent pool of potential candidates. But – in such a crowded arena – you’ve got to do it in a way that’s unique and enticing.

Enter Stafford Long’s Social Media team. Creating a comprehensive strategy tailored to your needs and goals, we’ll make sure you’re not only searchable, but that your organisation is impossible to ignore.

Get in touch with our social team directly using social@staffordlong.co.uk