How do candidates distinguish between one leading employer and another? Quite understandably, many organisations want to say the same kinds of things about themselves – but only by being truly distinctive in how you present yourself will you be able to attract people of the right character and calibre. This is where an employer brand can reap real benefits.

Our approach to developing employer brands is sophisticated but always straightforward. We believe there’s real power in a single, well-researched and perfectly-pitched idea; one that your people can get behind and engage with. That word’s important too: “engage”. Experience has shown us that the way in which you involve people internally in the process of developing and launching an employer brand can make a big difference to its success. Here are five milestones we can help you with on that journey.



We’ll carry out research with internal stakeholders and external audiences to gain an under-the-skin understanding of what sets you apart as an employer. That could take the form of employee surveys, focus groups, interviews, benchmarking or market analysis, whether that’s in local markets or around the world.

EVP development

Once we’ve gathered all the insight we need, we crunch it – looking at the themes that emerge, then honing them and honing them until they feel exactly right for you.

Creative development

Our award-winning creative team can bring the employer brand to life by developing tone of voice and look and feel, either from scratch or using your existing guidelines.

Creative development

Employer brand launch

Employer brands thrive only when they’re adopted and amplified by the people inside your business. There are many memorable ways to introduce people to an employer brand. We can create events, webinars, videos, presentations, guidebooks, profile-raising campaigns – and all manner of other materials.

webinars and training

Training and webinars

Beyond the launch, we can also develop training sessions – delivered either by us or your own people – that will educate and excite people about your employer brand. These can be delivered as webinars or face-to-face.